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School Visits

Please get in touch to book a school visit.

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During my visit to your school, I will lead an engaging and lively reading session, where we will explore selections from my work and immerse ourselves in the captivating world of storytelling. Together, we'll delve into the prologue, analysing the underlying events and reasons that set the stage for the tale. Through sharing my personal journey as an author, I hope to ignite a spark of inspiration in your students. To enhance their educational experience, I'll provide downloadable materials specifically related to my book, designed to nurture their creativity and enrich their appreciation for literature. This unique opportunity promises to be a meaningful and unforgettable learning adventure for all involved.


  1. Inspiration and Encouragement: Meeting an author in person can be an inspiring experience for students. It can ignite a passion for reading and writing and encourage students to explore their creative side.

  2. Connecting Literature to Real Life: Meeting the author of a book can make literature feel more relevant and real to students. It can help them to understand that authors are real people who create stories, often based on their own experiences or observations.

  3. Enhancing Understanding: Authors can provide insights into their works that may not be immediately apparent from reading alone. They can explain their thought processes, the themes they wanted to explore, and the choices they made while writing, thereby deepening students' understanding of the text.

  4. Promotion of Literacy: An author's visit can often spark interest in reading among students who may not otherwise be inclined to pick up a book. The personal connection can make reading more appealing, thereby promoting literacy.

  5. Career Insight: Authors can provide insight into the writing profession, from the creative process to the business side of publishing. This can be particularly valuable for students interested in pursuing writing as a career.

  6. Personalised Learning Experience: Some author visits include workshops or writing exercises tailored to the student's current studies or interests. This customised learning experience can reinforce classroom teachings in a unique and engaging way.

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