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Sherbert's Cubicle of Creation

Unleash the power of captivating characters and witness the birth of extraordinary tales. Join us on an exhilarating journey as we breathe life into the realm of imagination. 

Sherbert the dragon

My Character Design Technique

Step 1: The Name

I usually start by coming up with a name for the character. A great name can inspire the elements needed to imagine the character. However, I try to scale down my imagination as I may not be able to draw everything I imagine. Practice makes perfect, though.

Step 2: Scale

Next, I consider the character's size. What is the proportion of the head compared to the body? How big or small is the character?

Step 3: Clothes

Clothing is an important aspect of character design. It can reveal a lot about the character's personality and background. Does the character dress for action or fashion? Do they prefer bright or dull colours? Are their clothes well-worn or brand-new?

Step 4: Sketch

With a pencil and paper, I make several sketches to see what works best for the character.

Step 5: Outline

Check out the video, where I demonstrate drawing the outline for my character, Robbing Robin.

Free Downloadable Activities

(Currently not downloadable on mobile devices. Head over to our blog to receive all the material.)

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