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My name is F.Artington, and what a handsome fellow I am. I remember standing for hours to have this portrait done. I never realised how heavy a book could be.

Author F.Artington

Before I tell you my story, I should mention that I don't look like this on your planet, Earth. I use something called a flicker that makes me appear like a human. I don't always use the same flicker because I must keep my secrecy. Which I'll get to now.


I'm from a mystical place called Alegna.


When I first arrived here, the harsh reality of your planet's environmental challenges struck me with undeniable force. The air is tainted, the water is contaminated, the soil is burdened by many hazardous chemicals. Tragically, this polluted state rendered it impossible for me to harness my extraordinary Artistry.


I travelled all over your wondrous planet. Destiny guided my steps towards an extraordinary encounter. One radiant day in July in the heart of London, England, I discovered two unusual infants. I knew instantly that these two younglings were from Alegna. The immense power resonating within their tender souls filled me with trepidation. I later found out they had been abducted and concealed here. Fuelled by courage and compassion, I fearlessly liberated the infants, restoring them to the sanctuary of Alegna.


So there I was back in Alegna, and what unfolded for these two remarkable youngsters in the years that followed defies the limits of imagination! I derived immense joy in chronicling their extraordinary lives. Regrettably, the perils that would befall the children if these chronicles were to be shared within Alegnan society compelled me to make a fateful decision—to return to Earth and present my accounts to the world, cloaked within the realm of ‘fiction.’


Now, nestled in a charming abode not far from Loch Ness, my days are filled with vibrant reminiscences and devoted chronicling of the enthralling escapades I witnessed in Alegna. Accompanying me on this whimsical journey is my ever-faithful canine companion, Grump.

But even amidst this creative haven a fervent dream lingers within my heart—to venture once again into the ethereal realm of Alegna to find out the conclusion to Hatechi and Didi's fantastical adventure.

School Visits

During my visit to your school, I will lead an engaging and lively reading session, where we will explore selections from my work and immerse ourselves in the captivating world of storytelling. Together, we'll delve into the prologue, analysing the underlying events and reasons that set the stage for the tale. Through sharing my personal journey as an author, I hope to ignite a spark of inspiration in your students. To enhance their educational experience, I'll provide downloadable materials specifically related to my book, designed to nurture their creativity and enrich their appreciation for literature. This unique opportunity promises to be a meaningful and unforgettable learning adventure for all involved.

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