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Sherbert's Adventures.

Hello, world! It's me, F. Artington. Welcome to my first-ever blog. I hope you can hear me.

Yesterday, my faithful canine companion, Grump, had such a wild dream by the fireplace that he inadvertently knocked my diary into the flames with his tail. Shortly after this incident, I decided to embrace your technology and venture into blogging.

Interestingly, blogging is much less exhausting than jogging. Phew!

Although many of you may be aware, I've generally tried to avoid Earth's technology. I have a fondness for the simple charms of home. Unfortunately, I'm not in my magical world of Alegna. However, considering my diary is gone forever, I thought, "Why not give your tech a try?"

So here I am, shouting at a computer screen. (I later learned to use the letter square things.)

At first, I assumed "blog" was an odd spelling for "bog." Back in Alegna, I cherished our bogs – those splendid mud baths teeming with life.

It turns out that "blog" has nothing to do with "bog". I learned that "blog" originated from the combination of "web" and "log," as in "logging one's thoughts on the web." Initially termed "weblog," the "we" eventually got dropped, leaving us with "blog." And now, here I am, blogging. I've been informed that even if Grump knocks the computer into the fireplace, my words will still exist on the WWW; I'll decipher that abbreviation soon. Perhaps the last two W's stand for "Wizards" and "Workshop." Maybe the first W denotes "Whacky." Yes, I reckon I've decoded it: "Whacky Wizards Workshop." Interesting to think everything I write here will forever be stored in a Whacky Wizards Workshop.

Grump is barking. I will leave you now to take him on a walk. I'll return with plenty of entertaining content. Many of you seem to appreciate my dragon drawings, so I might begin by offering downloadable versions. (By "downloadable," I mean you press a button, and voila! My drawings zoom from the Whacky Wizards Workshop right onto your computer.) Perhaps your world does possess a unique kind of magic, after all.

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